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"This Time, I Want to Do My Part for the School!"

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    "Anyone who wants to join the volunteer service team please come to me to sign up!"At the International Student apartment of East China Jiaotong University, Abir, an international student from Bangladesh, is calling an emergency meeting.

    On March 17th, the university implemented a closed-loop management, with 47 international students living and studying in accordance with the regulations.After the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020, Abir chose to work with all the teachers and students to build an iron bastions for the epidemic prevention and control on campus.

    "This time, I want to do my part for the school!"

    "When the outbreak broke out in 2020, teachers cared about us and accompanied us through the most difficult moment. Now it is time for us to shoulder our own responsibility, for us, for the teachers and for the school!" Unlike two years ago, who was afraid and helpless in the face of the epidemic, Abir not only did not panic, but also organized an international studnet volunteer service team to join the prevention and control work."I believe in my school and the Chinese government, and the epidemic will be brought under control soon."

 Abir is cleaning the International Student Residence

    The volunteer service team insisted on once room check, once all personnel temperature measurement, once full apartment cleaning and disinfection every day, and played an active role in epidemic prevention, order maintenance, student help, and implementation of nucleic acid testing work. They also applied to join the university's volunteer team to fully assist in the prevention and control of the epidemic on campus. Faced with the epidemic again, the international students were no longer nervous and helpless, but calm, responsive and strict in implementation, which greatly enhanced their sense of responsibility and integration.

    "I like China's efficiency and Chinese speed!"

    After receiving the notice of full nucleic acid testing, Abir assisted the teacher to organize the international students to respond quickly, applied for Chang tong code and reached the testing points orderly in time, ensure that every nucleic acid test is completed on time.

  International students participate in nucleic acid testing at school


 International student shows the nucleic acid test stickers of ECJTU

     "Nanchang city and the school have carried out five rounds of nucleic acid tests at the fastest speed in a short period of time, which has made us feel the efficiency and speed of China again. We will fully cooperate and work together!"Said the international students.

    "I love ECJTU. ECJTU makes me feel love!"

Counselor Yao Yao checked the situation of international students staying in school

    Counselor Yao Yao, called "Mom" by international students, is also the mother of five-year-old twins.When the school decided to implement closed-loop management, her husband could not stay at the school due to work reasons, and advised that she and her children should live outside the school as well.But Yao Yao volunteered to stay at school alone with her children, making responsible for the management and security of 47 international students.During this period, in addition to closely caring for the students' lives, studies and psychological conditions, she also had to take care of her two children, and could not stop for a moment.

    Deng Qin, a resident manager of the International Student Apartment, took the initiative to stay on campus, insisting on being on duty 24 hours a day and pulling up the anti-epidemic defense line of the apartment.On the night of March 17, in order to organize the international students to participate in the nucleic acid test quickly, she fell and hurt her face, and couldn't open her eyes. The students said, "Ms. Deng, please go back to rest, we can do it by ourselves", but she insisted on being on duty and did not want to leave for a minute.

    "I love ECJTU, I love Nanchang, I love China, because everyone here makes me feel warm! " said Abir.




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