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East China Jiaotong University "Chinese Bridge" Online Exchange Program Successful Conclusion

Author:Cui Wanting  Time:2022-03-31 19:25:22  Browse:


    Recently, two "Chinese Bridge" online exchange program, "Transportation Culture + Chinese", and "Brazilian Youth Summer Camp to East China Jiaotong University", were successfully concluded.The project attracted 170 students from Russia, Kazakhstan, Brazil and other countries to participate in by various forms of live classes, recording classes, cultural lectures, interactive experience, and cultural exchanges.

    The "Transportation Culture + Chinese" online exchange program relied on the school's transportation culture research foundation, and organically combined the professional learning of transportation characteristics with Chinese education, A total of 7 courses were offered, including A Glimpse into Railway Culture: A global Perspective, Transportation Economics, Applied Translation, and Chinese Listening and Speaking, with 83 cumulative teaching days. And the total duration of live broadcasting and recording courses was more than 12,000 minutes.More than 100 students from Russia, Kazakhstan and other countries gathered online to learn Chinese knowledge, experience traditional Chinese culture deeply, and deepen their understanding of China's excellent transportation culture.

    With the theme of "Meet China", the "Brazilian Youth Summer Camp to East China Jiaotong University",taking 28 days,attracted 65 Brazilian students to participate in a series of activities such as online cultural lectures, video learning of Chinese, pair exchange between Chinese and Brazilian students and talent show and so on.The content not only coverd the overview of China, food culture and traditional festivals, but also combined school transportation characteristics and advantages, and offered lectures on China High-speed Railway Culture, spreading the name card of China high-speed railway, and used short videos to tell China's poverty reduction plan and spread Chinese voice to Brazilian students.

    During this period, the students broke the space boundary, overcame the language and jet lag barriers, successfully completed all the courses.After the project, they sent short videos to show their learning results. They also thanked the project for bringing them to experience the charm of Chinese language culture and transportation culture, hoping that they could study in China after the epidemic and appreciate the extensive and profound Chinese culture.

    The successful implementation of the project will further promote the Chinese and foreign language exchanges and cooperation of the universities to better adapt to the requirements of international Chinese education in the new era.




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