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East China Jiaotong University in Nanchang seeks skilled ESL teachers catering to our university students.

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The prospective teacher must possess the following credentials to qualify for this position:

- Degree(BA, MA and/or PhD) in Linguistics or Education

- Above 2 years of teaching experience

- Be responsible and cooperative

- Age which is from 24 to 45

- Native English speakers from USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Ireland, and South Africa

Benefit Package:

- Salary=8000RMB-11000RMB(before tax) (Bachelor)

9000RMB-12000RMB(before tax) (Master)

10000RMB-14000RMB(before tax) (Doctor)

- Water and electricity allowance= 400RMB(before tax) monthly

- Traffic allowance=400RMB(before tax) each school year

- Free accommodation= an apartment with living facilities

- Airfare allowance= about 8000-12000RMB(before tax) annually which is decided by the country of the candidate

- Paid holidays= winter vacation and other legal holidays

Teaching Tasks:

- 18 teaching periods of 16 weeks each semester

The Ways of Application:

Please call 18007099972(Susan Liu) for interviewing

Email Address:

Wechat: liujiangrong1128

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