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Write the Anti-epidemic Power with the Most Beautiful Language-International Students’ Chinese Language Day

Author:Cui Wanting  Time:2022-04-29 14:01:04  Browse:

On the occasion of the 3rd International Chinese Language Day, our university held a series of campus activities of "Writing the power of fighting the epidemic in the most beautiful language", in which international students gradually deepened their understanding of Chinese culture and learned the power of fighting the "epidemic" from it.

Exploring the source of culture

With the theme of "Chinese and foreign students teach a lesson together", Chinese and foreign students discussed festival culture, calligraphy culture, ceramic culture, traditional musical instruments, special Chinese food, beautiful scenery of Jiangxi, classic stories and so on. The international students expressed their views and discussed the connotation of Chinese traditional culture, to understand the charm of Chinese culture from a close distance and multiple angles, to better perceive and understand China, to further strengthen the interaction and communication between Chinese and foreign students, and to effectively enhance cross-cultural communication skills.

China in my eyes

The international students showed the vivid China in their own eyes through painting, calligraphy, writing and other creative forms. Khotoso from Lesotho combined painting and calligraphy to deeply appreciate the ancient poem "Silent Night Thoughts" and feel the connection between himself and Li Bai across time and space; Yoland and Mercy from Zimbabwe told their stories with China and ECJTU through beautiful words and delicate strokes; Mohsin and Abir from Bangladesh painted the beautiful and touching moments of the anti-epidemic period through their paintings.

Tell the story of epidemic prevention

The university actively builds a platform for humanistic exchange between China and foreign countries, and encourages international students to become narrators of "Chinese stories and international expressions" by using language as a link. International students elaborately made short videos to tell the knowledge of epidemic prevention in Chinese and spread the positive energy of fighting against epidemic. They not only actively participated in various volunteer services for epidemic prevention and control, but also told the touching stories of China's epidemic fight to the world in various ways.


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